After you downloaded the Missions App, (Article to download Missions App you are ready to log in. 

  • Your login is the email address you provided in your application. 
  • Your temporary password was sent to you in the email from with the subject line: “Invitation to Engage3 MissionControl”. 

Dear "Auditor Name",

You have received an invitation from "Hiring Company Name" to join the MissionControl Competitive Intelligence Platform. Please proceed to download the "Missions" mobile application (Search: Engage3 MissionControl in the App Store; Missions in the Google Play Store) and log in using your email address and the following temporary password: ********

Please change your temporary password upon log in by navigating to the "Settings" page. If you have any questions, please reach out to your administrator at "Your hiring company".

The "Missions" mobile app is designed for professional Pricing Auditors to gather retail intelligence in the field. The app utilizes one of the largest pricing and product databases in existence today to create quick missions for auditors to collect fresh, ongoing data.

Engage3 Support Team

  • You will use your email address and temporary password to log in to the Missions app the first time. Please change your password upon login (Article to Change your password