There was a connection issue while completing missions and I no longer see previously entered prices on submitted missions. 



Missions App

Client Solution

1.    Force close your Missions App 

  • Android devices
    1. Open Settings App
    2. Scroll down and tap on 'Application Manager'
    3. Scroll down in the 'Downloaded' list and tap the name of the app.
    4. Tap 'Force Stop' to fully close the application on your device

  • Apple devices 
    1. Press and hold, and swipe the app up to close it

2.    Click on Missions App to reopen > click the mission with the missing prices

3.    Scroll to the bottom of the page > Click “Additional Options” > click “Recall Prices

4.    The following page will ask if you wish to continue, Click “OK

5.    Missions App will now synchronize your previously entered data within the mission > the items will populate
     a. If your items do no populate after completing steps 1- 4, proceed to Step 5.

6.    Troubleshoot your network by disconnecting and reconnecting to your current WiFi > reload mission within the Missions app to look for missing items 
     a. If reconnecting to WiFi network was unsuccessful, get to a secure network location > connect to your cellphone’s data > reload missing items 
     b. If neither options above successfully loaded your missing items, please proceed to Step 6. 

7.    Logout of the Missions app by clicking the = icon at the top left of the Missions App > click the face icon to the left of your name > click “Logout” at the bottom of the page. 

8.    Force close Missions App > power-cycle/restart cellular device > click on and sign into the Missions app > select mission with the missing prices > look for the missing prices to appear 

Possible causes

  • User has logged out of the app and logged back in. 
  • Collected data has been cleared out naturally by the app after a certain amount of time. 
  • User has installed a new version of the app