I want to change my location to look for and reserve available missions 


Missions App 

Client Resolution: 

1.    Log into the Missions app > Click the “Available” tab. 

        Note: Make sure to turn on your location in the settings of your cellular device specifically for the         Missions App                                      

3.    To change your location to a different city and/or state, click the “Magnifying/Search glass” at the top right corner of the page  

4.    A search box will appear with ‘City, State’ written inside of the box > click the box > type the name of city, state, and/or zip code of the location you would like to search for missions  

5.    If you are only wanting to broaden the radius of your current location, click the “location arrow” to ensure the Missions app locates your exact location > below the map, slide the “Search Distance” toggle from 1mile to 25miles based on the radius of your preference > click the blue “Show Missions” button below for results of missions available to reserve 

6.    Select the available mission you would like to reserve > click the blue “Reserve Mission” button